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How to Twirl a Knife/Changing Your Grip The magnetic moment of the neutron comes from the spins of the individual quarks and their online casino schweiz erfahrung motions. In an upright spin, both roll and yaw are in the same direction, but an inverted spin is composed of opposing roll and yaw. The study of the behavior of such " spin models " is a thriving area of research in condensed matter physics. The current Guinness world record for the number of consecutive inverted flat spins is spin normale version, set by Spencer Suderman on March 20, flying an experimental variant of the Pitts S-1 designated the Sunbird S-1x. Energy Management - an efficient hybrid laptop. Spins are often entered intentionally federico coria training, flight testing, or aerobatics. Aviation risks Aerial maneuvers Emergency aircraft operations. I am missing the documentation to the new Casino mundial type. Join the conversation Add Comment. The display size and resolution result in a pixel density of PPI. Those should be supported, but I do not like your spin palace askgamblers.

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But we feel that the Nitro is a little too heavy and large to be used as a tablet. The port selection can be described as mid-range and sufficient.

On the left side, there are two USB 3. The right side offers two status LEDs, the typical volume rocker, a combined 3. If you are a passionate gamer, you might be wondering where the Ethernet port has disappeared to.

Acer has decided that the Nitro, the red gaming version of its Spin 5, does not need a network connector. For real gamers who play online games and are looking for low ping and latency times as well as faultless transmission, this might make the Nitro completely unsuitable.

The power button is not positioned very well for a convertible - if you want to use the Acer as a tablet in portrait mode, you might easily turn the Nitro off by mistake.

Apart from this, the port distribution is very practical, particularly on the left side. The two USB 3. The SD card reader does not have a spring and you simply have to push the SD card into the slot, which is usually the more user-friendly version.

The disadvantage of this method is that the card does not disappear into the slot entirely but always stands out slightly.

In the case of the Nitro 5 Spin, about half of the SD card stands out. The fact that Acer does not offer a network connection via an Ethernet cable for the Nitro is a real shame.

The data transfer rate measured in our benchmark is good and positions the Nitro significantly above the average multimedia device and even puts it slightly over its own non-gaming version Acer Spin 5.

The transfer rate was stable throughout our test and reception was normal. Apart from the fingerprint sensor on the touchpad, the Acer also supports TPM 2.

The Nitro comes with a limited trial period of Norton Security. The Acer Nitro 5 Spin includes a watt power supply, but no other accessories.

An input pen that can be used for the touchscreen, such as the Acer Stylus Pen, has to be purchased separately.

The maintenance of the Nitro is not difficult: There are eleven normal Phillips screws that have to be removed in order to lift off the bottom of the base unit.

Closing the device is also easy and fast. The Acer FineTip keyboard and the snugly fitted number block have red lettering that is sufficiently easy to read.

The enter and backspace keys are large enough, but the up and down arrow keys are very narrow and are positioned too close to each other.

The entire keyboard is slightly sunk into the base unit, so that the device can be used easily in tablet mode without the user pressing a key by mistake.

Subjectively, the keys have a cheap, plasticky feeling and they rattle when you run your fingers over them. The sound when the keys are pressed reminds us not of high-quality material, but rather of thin, lightweight plastic.

Nonetheless, the keyboard allows for fast typing and users who type regularly will not have any difficulties. The rattling keys are not so loud that they become bothersome, but not quiet enough to go unnoticed.

Unfortunately, the keyboard backlighting is a little annoying, as it automatically turns off 30 seconds after the last key was pressed. At night, this means that you regularly find yourself in front of a dark keyboard - even when running on power supply.

There are many entries in various Internet forums from users who are having difficulties with this issue, but it seems like the backlighting cannot be set to run all the time, nor can the duration of the backlighting be adjusted.

It responds well and quickly to inputs with one or two fingers. The ClickPad, however, takes a bit of getting used to as it is hard to make a click above the middle on the left side.

The left bottom area of the touchpad is rather loose and it has two pressure points, similar to the shutter button on a camera. Simply placing the finger on the touchpad is enough to provoke the first click, although this does not do anything and is simply irritating.

Stronger pressure then allows you to make a second, proper click to which the touchpad responds properly. Acer has placed a fingerprint sensor that works quickly and reliably in the top left corner of the touchpad.

A quick placing of the finger on the reader and you are logged-in. The touchpad is large enough for the fingerprint sensor not to get in the way.

Acer did not automatically activate the fingerprint reader, as has happened on some other laptops. The Acer Nitro 5 Spin is equipped with a reflective The display size and resolution result in a pixel density of PPI.

There are no alternative display options for the Nitro. However, they are still too slow for real gamers and you will not get around connecting an external monitor for proper gaming results; IPS displays are not known for their speed, after all.

Only the black value and contrast and the deviations measured with ColorChecker are not as good as those of the Spin 5. So, if a good black value is more important to you than response times or brightness, you might want to take a closer look at the "normal" version of the Spin 5 instead.

As always with glossy screens, you had best look for a shady spot when using the device outdoors, as these kinds of displays are hard to read despite high brightness levels and things like trees are reflected in the background.

If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: As this is a convertible, there is no limit to the opening angle. The IPS display comes into its own here, particularly when used as a tablet.

The content is displayed properly from every viewing angle, as you would expect from an IPS display. Acer offers two different processor versions in its online shop: Our test unit is equipped with the faster Intel Core iU.

This should be able to display current games decently at medium details. The faster configuration with the Intel Core iU gives the Nitro a base clock rate of 1.

The turbo brings the chip up to 4 GHz in two-core mode, but the maximum clock rate is limited to 3. However, this time this is divided among four cores and eight threads.

You can find detailed technical background information on the Intel Core iU in our tech section. As usual, the multi-core test starts with a short-term turbo.

Thanks to a cTDP of 25 watts it reaches points in the first round. On top of this, the indexer that takes a range never gets the opportunity to handle this case.

The Index constructor throws an exception before the range ever gets to the indexer. There is overhead in testing whether an index is from-end in several places creation of a range, any time a range is used as an argument.

Has any performance testing been done on the impact? Does it affect inlining? You would need a way to get the size of a collection or dimension.

For indexers with more than 1 argument, the type can be required to have a GetUpperBound method like arrays do. Index expressions then have no overhead at runtime.

You could use the hat operator to index an array, and there would be no overhead. The same would be true for a method like Substring: I would argue that in the majority of cases, you can defer the hat operator until it is used as an index, either as part of a range or stand-alone argument.

If not, you can still get the job done the old-fashioned way. So, all this to save a single O log n operation?

It is zero sum. Especially considering there is no good replacement for it. I would be perfectly fine switching to.

NET Core, something less functional. You are even porting Windows Forms to. Now it even looks like EF Core may drop support for. The whole transition to.

NET Core is a mess if you ask me. At some point the band aid has to be ripped off and things need to progress. I actually wish they went way further with.

NET Core and broke more things to fix bad past decisions and clean things up. I only want to try these — https: If you want to try these, you will need to define those types those.

I copied one below. The other ones follow the same pattern, just with different names. Be wary about introducing backtick for a new feature in the future.

That is 4 keypresses for a symbol. Regarding the bridging code needed to make Async enumerables to work, I published a NuGet a couple of days ago that does just that.

The range being exclusive at the end is a terrible idea. I think this is a matter of habit. Also, both approaches have their fair share of off-by-one errors.

It would be very useful if compiler would check the ranges, like how it does for null assignments of nullable-reference-types. If you produce a Range that starts beyond the end of the collection, counts too far from the end, or has overlapping starting and ending indexes, you get a run-time System.

Some sort of a null pointer. Then there is no need of separate nullable reference type? Prior to this feature, I would have added a null-check.

That seems to be a bug in the analysis. I agree that null assignment or lack of assignment should have produced a warning. For any public static variable in a library, probably a warning message should be given even if it was assigned, lets say to string.

This feature the way it was implemented seems problematic to me, since there will be corner cases when compiler does not ensure null safety since it does not claim to do so.

I am super-excited to use the new language features! I already started porting part of our product to be released late so as to play with, amongst other things, the nullable reference types.

I do have a couple of questions not sure if this is the right place to ask these: The concept of non-null strings might be better if you can enforce non-nullability for all cases, including array initialization, unsafe and interop statements, legacy method calls, etc.

User will have to suppress all such warning explicitly but they will at least be aware of possible pitfalls.

I absolutely love it! I also dislike the idea of default implementations for interfaces, but I can see how it can make life easier….

The new features are awesome! Second range index being exclusive is downright scary and is going to cause a lot of cognitive dissonance.

The world now has to remember that first index is actually index, and second index is a 1-based number — what kind of convenience is that?

You are iterating from index 1 to index 3! How hard is it to just treat the second index as index, and not as a number?

If you wanted to be consistent with C, you would treat both components as indexes. This comment right here is aces. More beautiful syntax for it and ends the religious debate and allow everyone continue to make off by 1 errors.

Those should be supported, but I do not like your syntax. The new features are great. When this one is coming? If you have the project settings set to have warnings as errors, the nullable warnings are errors.

What if we use a library and the library uses by default the old string null ability? VS preview error — I enabled c 8 on a. After I build the app the Error list windows shows many warnings but any time I click on one of them to go to the code location the warning disappears from the Error list window!

Is c 8 not available for. Nullables — great, but I only hope the settings will allow to use the new syntax but without actual checking anything.

Such case would be useful for transition without it, it will be much harder. Ranges, nice, but I am waiting for spread operator for yields.

Good choice with Nullable reference types it proved itself very nicely in Kotlin. Have you ever thought about introducing val keyword for implicit declarations of read-only local variables?

What about a step-syntax? Is there a legitimate reason for the terminal index on ranges being exclusive? It is simply unintuitive and I cannot fathom a reason for it.

It seems wrong to assume that something should default to being non-null when it could be null. In my mind that seems the safer and more correct decision to assume the opposite of what you have.

Will the templates for all new C projects be modified to ensure they produce nullable safe starting points with no warnings, and provide examples of good practice?

Why not chosen for:. Why not use reference required types instead of non- nullable reference types? For example, following means the variable is not nullable.

And following still work as before. So that there will not be a lot of problems, like default and compatibility.

Although it introduces a new concept. The example given for Nullable Reference Types could blow up with string. Empty input with an IndexOutfRangeException , maybe something like:.

How can I add block of code in the comment section? Several of the deleted comments are my attempts…. Is there any talk into bringing back private field creation and instantiation in the constructor like typescript.

I feel like I am constantly typing the same thing over and over with all the IOC being used nowadays. Nothing much in Spin will work without access to a preprocessor.

You can do a reasonable number of things without a full-blown compiler though like simulations. If iSpin cannot locate the gcc executable on your system, it will put up a warning message when it first starts up.

Macs Mac OS X: Installing Spin on a Mac Compile Spin from its sources, as described under 2a for Unix systems in general, while following the suggestions below, which were provided by Dominik Brettnacher, email: If you prefer clang , you can also try if the following works not tested: Use, for instance, "TclTkAquaStandalone", version 8.

To prevent this, add a "cd" statement to iSpin no arguments, just cd by itself on a line , as the first command executed. Place it, for instance, directly after the opening comments in the file.

This makes iSpin use the home directory for these files. TclTk Aqua also provides the possibility to start a script when being run.

For instance, to make iSpin start if you launch the TCL interpreter: Related Software Some pointers to public domain versions of related software packages.

On the PC you need either a copy of Visual Studio Express for the cl command , or an installation of gcc with minimally the executables: You can get good free version of all these files with the cygwin toolkit, which is mostly self-installing and available from: It can be obtained for PCs or Unix from cygwin, or from: A public domain version for a Windows PC can most easily be obtained from cygwin , or also from: Z A copy of this file is also available in: To obtain Dot, see http: For documentation of dot see, for instance: