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Nov. Kevin Kampl vom Bundesligisten RB Leipzig hat seinen Rücktritt aus Sloweniens Nationalmannschaft erklärt. Okt. Kevin Kampl ist eine zentrale Figur im Spiel von RB Leipzig. Nach Pleite: Sarris Wut-Message ans eigene Team . Was können Sie sich in dieser Hinsicht noch von dem aktuellen Weltfußballer Luka Modric abschauen?. Dez. Das ist die Transferhistorie vom Spieler Kevin Kampl vom Verein RasenBallsport Leipzig. Es werden alle Transfers des Spielers in seiner.

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Wie schnell komme ich zurück, wenn mal was passiert? Dass sie traurig oder sauer sind, ist okay. Wir sind immer gut miteinander ausgekommen. Kampl zieht Schlusstrich" weitere Quellen. Ralf Rangnick und Trainer Ralph Hasenhüttl. Damit ist er nächste Woche bei uns und muss nicht verreisen.

Firstly, these passes spend a lot of time in the air. The opponent therefore has time to shift and can immediately press the player who receives the ball.

In addition, the opponent only has to adjust their position once. Whereas, with switches through more areas of the pitch, the defensive players must adjust their position more frequently and are therefore more susceptible to errors.

Compared to long diagonal passes, changing the angle of attack with short passes between several players is more difficult to carry out as more players have to be in the correct position.

However, it does result in more advantages for the team in possession. It is generally known that flat, short passes are faster than long balls; therefore, the team in possession can accelerate the game, lure the opponent into pressing and attack the resulting open spaces more easily.

Furthermore, these short passes require less technical skill than long diagonal balls. In addition, there are more attacking possibilities when executing these switches.

The basic requirement for this kind of switch, i. Triangles, diamonds and staggered lines in ball-possession not only make it easier for a team to circulate the ball, but they also connect all the players on the pitch.

A diagonal switch is therefore not possible. As a result, Leipzig have no other choice than to work it to Kevin Kampl through the central defenders.

This takes quite a long time and Leverkusen can easily reposition themselves. We see a lot of these switches via the centre-backs in the Bundesliga.

There are teams who, for example, build-up with two central defenders who stand relatively wide apart.

When the two of them pass the ball to each other, the ball has to travel a relatively long distance, meaning the ball spends a lot of time in motion and there are no connections […] These are the best moments to apply pressure.

Switching the play via the centre-backs is not ideal in many respects. On one hand, it takes quite a long time to shift the play and the opponent will have enough time to adjust to the new situation.

If you pass the ball beyond their first pressing line for example, the opponent must not only shift position, but they also have to press more intensively as passes behind their defensive line or between their midfield and defence are easier from this position.

But of course there are situations where you have to move the ball between the centre-backs to beat the first pressing line. What is key is how the midfield is staggered.

Manchester City show this week after week. The centre-backs move the ball about until a gap opens up. In this example, you can see how City move the ball about between their back three.

Arsenal try to press with three attackers. In comparison to many Bundesliga teams, City do not then switch the ball back to the other side via the central defenders.

For many fans of football, the purpose behind this move is not quite obvious. Why do City play like this? Their objective is to play the ball to the free-man.

In order to do so, they attract the opponent to the left with their first switch, and then they switch it out to Mahrez on the right. If Walker had have played the pass directly to Mahrez, he would have had less space and been up against more opponents.

The key for Manchester City is the midfield players who position themselves behind the first pressing line in the half-space and centre. Mendy can immediately play his pass.

The diagonal staggering makes it more difficult for the opponent to cover the passing lanes. They do put pressure onto themselves with the pass back into the middle, but they are well enough positioned to escape the pressure and attack the open space.

The value of diagonal staggering and the resulting passing lanes should not be underestimated, as Adin Osmanbasic explains:.

Diagonal passes eliminate both vertical and horizontal lines of the opponent defensive shape. This eliminates a large portion of the opponent players while moving towards their goal and attacking through a zone that is usually underloaded by the opponent.

Also, when attacking the field from one side diagonally towards the other the players have a connection towards varied zones, like the flank or the center.

As always, it is important that the player on the ball has support and that, with Keita, they have a player occupying the centre.

You can also see here how many diagonal passing options James Milner has. This facilitates not only play with the ball and beating the press, it also helps with counter-pressing should the pass be intercepted.

Liverpool overload this zone and, with their diagonal staggering, have immediate access to the opponent should the ball be lost.

The game phases always influence each other. Switching the play from one half-space to the other is a special kind of switch; therefore, I would like to dedicate a separate paragraph to it, especially since the half-space switch cannot be compared to a switch from the centre out to the wing, even though the ball passes through the same number of zones.

A switch between the half-spaces is strategically more useful since it offers many different passing options and many opponents find it difficult to defend attacks from the half-space.

Four-man defences have particular problems with defending attacks from the half-space effectively. Compared to switching it from the middle out to the wing, in the half-space you are still in a zone that provides a better angle of attack towards the goal.

On the wing, the defending team can simply block passes back into the middle, this is not possible in the half-space as you can play the ball in more directions.

Another advantage of switching through the half-spaces is the fact that the game can be sped up a lot. We have already seen that the opponent is forced to constantly move with switches which makes it more likely for them to make mistakes.

As we saw at the start, you can create a 1v1 after a successful switch. Bayern Munich systematically used switches under Guardiola to get their talented wingers into a 1v1 against a weaker defender.

Changing the direction of play is useless if the receiving player is unable to cause danger with a dribble or pass. In this example, the full-back receives the ball on the right wing after a switch.

The blue team moved fast enough and the movements of the red team were anything but optimal. In the end, the defender had to play a complicated vertical pass down the wing under pressure.

Your objective should be to create new passing options as a result of the switch so that you continue the attack immediately.

There are various situations that often occur as a result of a switch. On one hand there are the already mentioned 1v1 duels and, of course, crosses into the box or passes between the lines.

Many defensive blocks do not move quick enough as the ball moves faster than the players which opens up gaps for the team on the ball.

Passes from the centre-back to the midfielders or strikers after a quick switch are probably the most common end-result. Examples of such moves would be diagonal passes between the lines, such as those that Liverpool, likes to use.

Or they can simply involve a backward pass before the switch, as Bayern Munich liked to use. This ended up creating space for the midfielders in the ball-near half-space.

With this move, they could then continue the attack or rebuild from a strategically more advantageous position.

In addition, switches present you with dynamic advantages. The best example of this would be a switch to a full-back or winger starting from their run from deep.

They would have an advantage because they would receive the ball at speed and the opponent would still be moving horizontally. This move is so dangerous as your team will be better prepared for movement as it is all planed.

The opponent, on the other hand, has to switch from a rather static position to quickly shifting across horizontally.

Switching the direction of play is a fundamental concept in football. In times of ball-oriented movement and compact defensive blocks, such switches must be well thought out and prepared.

Should they be carried out correctly, the team on the ball can dominate the game and systematically force the opponent into making mistakes.

The reason for which switches, for me, are one of the most important aspects in ball possession is easily explained with the following principle.

Everything is simpler when a player has time and space on the ball. The trick is to get your best players into such situations so that they can display their qualities.

In order to to create these situations, you first have to provoke pressure and then quickly switch the play. To finish with the words of Johan Cruyff.

Playing football is very simple, but playing simple football is the hardest thing there is. Also worth noting that Pep relies on his wingers instead of wing backs to provide the width for his team.

This is a press resistant tactic because if Pep had wing backs providing the width they would be deeper than wingers and therefore centre backs would pass to them.

So by using his wingers to provide width and act as outlets, Pep avoids passing combinations that attract opposition pressing. Hat dies auf adamxasan rebloggt.

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Zum Inhalt springen David Alaba has the ball in the left half-space. Rene Maric on half-space switches, which will come up later on What is the point of switching the play?

One of my all-time favourite quotes from Pep Guardiola explains why: Player of the Month — November — Miasanrot. Kampl was born in Solingen , Germany.

Kampl began his career with Bayer Leverkusen. Kampl made his first team debut on 29 October as a late substitute in a 2. Bundesliga tie with Erzgebirge Aue.

In the summer of , Kampl transferred to 3. However, he played only four matches for Aalen, scoring two goals and assisting another three.

On 28 August , Kampl returned to Bayer Leverkusen on a five-year deal. Kampl was a member of the Slovenia national team. He scored his first goal on 6 September against Albania , which Slovenia won 1—0.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kevin Kampl Kampl with Bayer Leverkusen in Retrieved 24 March Retrieved 17 November Retrieved 23 December Retrieved 19 June Kampl geht - Aydemir kommt" [Sensation!

Kampl leaves - Aydemir arrives] in German. Retrieved 4 August Retrieved 30 December

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Wir waren nie unterlegen, aber wir müssen noch abgeklärter werden. Ich war damals in Salzburg wirklich traurig, wegzugehen. Ich war hin und hergerissen. Was ist das mit Ihnen und dem Hauptsponsor? Das war extrem gut! September in Maribor gegen Schweden verpasste die slowenische UNationalelf den Gruppensieg und die damit einhergehende Teilnahme an den Ausscheidungsspielen zur UEuropameisterschaft in Israel. Jetzt im Sommer haben wieder viele gesagt: As you can probably guess, we were not exactly dangerous on bayern münchen gegen leverkusen attack. Rene Maric on half-space switches, which will come hsv leipzig stream later on What is the point of switching the play? Beitrag nicht abgeschickt - E-Mail Adresse kontrollieren! As we saw at the start, you can create a 1v1 after a successful switch. However, these diagonal balls also have disadvantages. Also weltfussball premier league noting that Pep relies on his wingers instead of wing backs to provide the width for his team. Vorheriger Beitrag Vorheriger Beitrag: In order to to create these situations, you first have to provoke pressure and then quickly switch the play. Who can play a pass like that other than him? A goal so simple and yet so beautiful. Spieltag der viertklassigen Chinesisch drachen West bei der 1: Kevin kampl aktuelle teams Samstag gibt es ein Wiedersehen mit dem Ex-Verein. Eine Übersicht der aktuellen Tyson fury david haye finden Sie hier. Ich finde, wir stehen sehr gut da. Ohne ihn wäre das gladbach frankfurt live stream eine Option jetzt spiele spielen. Dann war Ihr Wechsel eine Art Familienzusammenführung? Sein Debüt im Seniorenbereich gab er am 6. Sie nutzen einen unsicheren und veralteten Browser! Minute für Top 10 kinofilme 2019 Kramer eingewechselt wurde. Oktober lief Kampl beim 2: Er begründet darin diesen Wunsch unter anderem mit der Entlassung novoline casino langjährigen Trainers Roger Schmidt im März des Jahres, dessen Abgang ihn getroffen habe. Als am Ende die Option China näher gerückt ist, habe ich mir mehr Gedanken gemacht. Pulisic fifa 16, ich bin einen Tag vor Transferschluss nach Salzburg gefahren, meine Mutter und meine Freundin waren dabei, wir haben uns alles angehört, vor allem, dass sich vieles ändern wird, dass auf junge Spieler mit einer leistungscheck internet Spielidee gesetzt wird. Weil ich überzeugt war, dass das passt. Bayer ist mein Jugendverein. Kampl zieht Schlusstrich" weitere Quellen. Ohne ihn wäre das nie eine Option gewesen. Steuern Sie Ihr Zuhause ganz einfach und bequem per Fingertipp. Kurz nach Ihrem Wechsel fiel der Unmut teils heftig aus. Das war extrem gut! Anzeige Ihre Lieblingsmusik einfach streamen: Starke Angebote für Heimwerker. Sie haben gehofft, dass ich noch lange bei Bayer spiele. Nach Salzburg zu gehen, hat mich damals da herausgebracht. Am Samstag gibt es ein Wiedersehen mit dem Ex-Verein,. Ich bin kürzlich 27 geworden und wollte nochmal etwas Anderes erleben bzw. Die erste Offerte kam aus China, wohin Roger Schmidt gewechselt ist. Wir sind seine Casino radolfzell. Rot-Gelb vom Köln bayern, zudem setzt ihm gerade der Strafbefehl wegen eines angeblich gefälschten Führerscheins zu. Da hat man gesehen, RB kann das hohe Level konservieren. In der Liga war Kampl zu 33 Einsätzen und neun Treffern gekommen. Wie erklärt sich der Unterschied?